With so many sustainable and slow fashion choices, it’s hard to know where to get started. However, one sustainable wardrobe staple that can transform every outfit while welcoming conscious consumerism is probably the handbag. Whether you are looking for a new crossbody bag, or a stylish tote bag, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how to choose your perfect handbag sustainably.

What to Look for in Sustainable Handbags

  • Timelessness: 

The sustainable handbags should be well-crafted and designed with a contemporary approach that makes them timeless items that will last for decades. When you’re going to buy an ethically made handbag, choose the one that is timeless, stylish, and fits into your wardrobe. Invest in trans-seasonal items that are going to work for you all year round. Consider buying investment pieces that come with more longevity and pick versatile bags that can be styled in various ways.  

  • Material:

It’s worth making sure that the handbag is made out of high-quality and durable material built to whitstand years of use. If you want to make more ethical & conscious fashion choices and commit to sustainable lifestyle, vegan leather is probably the easiest swap anyone can make. It is an animal-friendly solution that comes a long way with a huge array of options to choose from. You won’t notice any difference in quality or variety, but you will surely make a positive difference to your environment.

  • Choose quality over quantity:

There’s no surprise that ethical fashion pieces are a bit costly than cheap high-street wardrobe staples. However, investing in a sustainable handbag might cost you more money, but you might have it last longer. Buying a few high-quality items a year, rather than a lot of cheaper, less eco-friendly pieces, will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. It’s worth investing in pieces that you can dress up or dress down for the occasion so you can get plenty of use out of each piece. So, go for quality over quantity, buy less and save money in the long run.

  • Social Impact: 

»Who made my bag/clothes« it’s a question worth asking when you’re evaluating your buying choices. Brands that work closely with artisan craftspeople are supporting local economies, creating job opportunities, and give back to the communities they work with. Lookfor the ethical brands that produce their product responsibly, create good working conditions, and strive to reduce their environmental footprints. 

  • Care:

When you look after your handbag properly you can increase its lifespan, which means wont need to replace it any time soon. Investing in ethical handbags can be a great sustainable fashion investment, and how you care for them will impact its resell value.  

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