PETA Approved vegan bags

ZMAI (meaning dragon in Slovenian language) successories are inspired by the powerful symbolism of the dragon that signifies power, strength, and good fortune. Our innovative handbags are created with respectful appreciation towards traditional craftsmanship, passionate attention to detail, and visionary pursuit of innovative ideas. One of the main goals of the brand ZMAI is to find the perfect combination of sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics.

No dragon has been killed in the making of our bags! 

Well, joke aside, it is true that we believe no animals need to be harmed for people to wear beautiful fashion accessories. For us it is important to prioritize the welfare of all living creatures on this planet, therefore we use only high-quality vegan leather for Zmai bags. We believe that your style should not only reflect who you are but also what they care about. 

The recognizable “dragon” texture of the bags is a result of our innovative production process called digital handcraft, which is unique in the world of bags. The production process merges computer modeling, laser-cutting, and hand assembly. 

Accessorize without compromise 

At its core, ZMAI is an innovation-driven sustainable brand of fashion accessories.. We do not compromise on beauty in order to be kind to nature. We do not compromise on functionality in order to look good. And we do not compromise on quality in order to be versatile. We are part of a tribe that loves being surrounded by and dressed in the beauty that is born out of values, not vanity.

All ZMAI bags are made exclusively of non-animal materials and have been certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). We aim to provide an animal-friendly alternative for consumers looking for high-quality, innovative, and luxury fashion accessories. By using local, Italian-made, vegan materials in every aspect of our designs we want to prove that a completely cruelty-free industry can be done with flair. We keep trying to improve and evolve our collections with new eco-friendly fabric technologies to actively reduce the impact we have on the environment.

Locally produced in the dragon’s nest 

Women’s handbags ZMAI are responsibly produced in designers’ hometown Sežana, Slovenia. The family-run workshop has been named “The dragon’s nest” by the team. Every step of the production of the bags is mindfully planned with thinking about the environment, local community, and the employees. In the company, high working standards and a safe working environment are provided for everyone who is a part of the story. 

About the designer 

Founder and designer Neli Štrukelj has been always looking for innovative approaches to find the solutions for the challenges of environmentally friendly design. With a strong passion for innovations, Neli creates bags that differentiate them from others by their unique appearance. Their recognizable 3D texture of vegan bags Zmai is achieved with a process known as a digital handcraft – combining the laser cut technology with hand assembly. 

Neli is the first Slovenian fashion designer to enter the finals of the American “Independent Handbag Designer Awards”, a competition in the category Best Green Handbag. As a member of SOTO society, she received the “Elle Style Awards”. The most important award for the fashion achievements in 2016 was received by SOTO Society for the Slovene textile and fashion design exhibition named “Made in Slovenia”.

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